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Story Arc:

Adventure CodeAdventure TitleStory ArcRelease DateAdventure Blurb
WHR-HP-1-01BedlamGenesis2013-12-26The Witch Hunters investigate what caused one of their own to lose his mind on his last mission. In the process they discover that Bedlam itself has a darker secret and that the two may be connected.
WHR-HP-1-02The Lost ChildGenesis2013-12-26Following clues as to a mother/child that went missing from Bedlam over 10 years ago, the Witch Hunters cross paths with a cult of diabolists who have been kidnapping children.
WHR-HP-1-03The Genesis StoneGenesis2014-06-06Sent after the very item that broke the mind of their fellow, can the Witch Hunters retrieve the Genesis Stone from the hands of one of their oldest rivals.
WHR-HP-1-04My Cross to BearGenesis2014-06-06One of the Twelve Penitents needs help to save his young protégé from within the Invisible World itself. What sort of creature has taken the boy and to what ends?
WHR-HP-1-05A Mother's LoveGenesis2015-02-04Mary Hark's mother has been found. Can she be of assistance in the ongoing struggle against the Dark Canticle?
WHR-HP-1-06Forgive Us Our TrespassesGenesis2015-03-22Someone is hunting London’s Witch Hunters: someone who knows about the Council of Whispers itself.
WHR-HP-1-07The Pounding of DrumsGenesis2015-03-22The Coven of the Dark Canticle is coming for the Genesis Stone. Who can the Witch Hunters trust when some of their own have turned against them?
WHR-HP-1-08Hearken to the SealGenesis2015-03-22The Witch Hunters face off against Mary Hark, the lost child taken by the Covenant of the Dark Canticle. Can the girl be redeemed or will she place another crack in the Seal of Solomon.
WHR-HP-2-01Blood Moon on the SeineBloody France2016-03-07The nights are long and dark in Paris. They are also rarely quiet.
WHR-SP-1-01The CrossingGenesis2013-12-26A fallen Hunter’s unfinished job leads you over the water to London. You’ll soon be back to your old life, once you finish the crossing…
WHR-SP-1-02The Mastiff of the BaskertonsGenesis2015-03-01A simple affair upon the moors of Somerset turned out to be a wild goose chase. On your way back to shelter, you just spot a lone figure wandering on the moor. At night. During a storm. There is a simple, rational explanation for everything, of course.