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Story Arc:

Adventure CodeAdventure TitleStory ArcRelease DateAdventure Blurb
LA-A2-HP10Upon a Distant Shore5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-04-28The Tomal Khan’s wife is dead and lies in state. A mystic from the West appears and says he can bring her back to life. Can the Heroes discover if he’s a fraud or a true miracle worker?
LA-A2-HP11Night of a Thousand Screams5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-04-28The Heroes are tasked with escorting a trade delegation to the southern Eloran city of Seremas. What they find when they arrive is chilling in its implications. Could the hand of the Destroyer have reached this far?
LA-A2-HP12The Chosen5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-04-28A sixth Pillar of Nier has been discovered with a temple built around the holy flame. Who built the structure? Who now controls the Pillar?
LA-A2-HP13We Do What We Must5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-05-01What started out as a night to remember quickly turned into a night you very much wished you could forget.
LA-A2-HP2That Which Lies BeneathA3: The War of the Paragons2017-05-08The Heroes are asked to solve the mystery of missing miners in the very profitable Fervidite mines before they are forced closed. Could the savage Voei be behind the disappearances or does something more sinister lurk beneath?
LA-A2-HP4Visions of Lives Past5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-02-15The past and present are commonly intertwined.
LA-A2-HP4 MapsVisions of Lives Past Maps5e Coming of the Destroyer2018-05-14Maps for the adventure Visions of Lives Past
LA-A2-HP5Vexing Priests5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-04-28The joyous festival of Unavocce is celebrated but while the faithful indulge themselves, a deadly plot is put in motion to end the life of some of the most influential people in the First City. Under the inauspicious Black Eye of Neroth, the Heroes race against death itself and losing may very well cost them their souls.
LA-A2-HP6The Price of Honor5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-05-07 A legal battle over the rights to an entrance into the Undercity thrusts the Heroes into the politics of the Tomal Khan's court and ends with a chilling discovery that spans ages
LA-A2-HP7The Word of the Seer5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-02-23A power struggle between the Khitani military and the Jial of the Phoenix finds the Heroes inadvertently uncovering a deadly conspiracy aimed at the heart of the First City
LA-A2-HP8Blessed are the HereticsIntro Adventures2017-08-10Asked to oversee the safe arrival of critical materials for the rebuilding of the dwarven enclave of Tultipet, the Heroes see an opportunity to finish their long-delayed mission to stop the Jial of the Phoenix from obtaining an ancient artifact. But even if they are able to safely navigate the crumbling ruins of this lost Ansharan temple, will they survive its ultimate guardian?
LA-A2-HP9Hide and Seek5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-03-23A senseless murder in the Baths leads a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of power.
LA-HP2-1Into the Blessed Lands5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-05-07The unexpected death of an old friend introduces the heroes to the dangers and wonders of the Blessed Lands as well as the machinations of a mysterious, new foe.
LA-HP2-2That Which Lies Beneath5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-05-07The Heroes are asked to solve the mystery of missing miners in the very profitable Fervidite mines before they are forced closed. Could the savage Voei be behind the disappearances or does something more sinister lurk beneath?
LA-HP2-3 Ancient Battles Unfinished 5e Coming of the Destroyer2017-02-15Deep in the fervidite mines, something horrible stirs and wakens...
LA-Intro-1-1TabooIntro Adventures2017-05-07A Nawal of the Yhing Hir calls upon a group of travelers to retrieve the body of his dead son from a place where no Horseman may ride
LA-Intro-1-2A Thousand WordsIntro Adventures2017-01-03When a painting is worth a thousand words, what image might those words paint? Not everything is black and white in Faerdlau as the Heroes are invited to speak with Ryter Ealdmar val’Holryn.
LA-Intro-1-3Unbated and EnvenomedIntro Adventures2016-09-20Even in seeming chaos, order and those who wish to subvert it may be found.
LA-Intro-1-4Whispers of the GodsIntro Adventures2016-09-20As the val'Tensen of Almeric struggle to crown a rightful king, a mysterious pattern of betrayal and slaughter plays out within the ranks of the young nation's warriors. Knights and soldiers, once brothers in arms, turn on their fellows in a seemingly senseless fashion. Will the heroes uncover the truth in time, or will they too fall into dissension and betrayal?
LA-Intro-1-6In Plain SightIntro Adventures2017-08-10When her young page has gone missing, Calisto val’Sheem, and a senator from Savona, requests your help to investigate his disappearance can you find the missing boy and what evil lies hidden in plain sight.