Campaign Documents

Document CategoryDoc. NameVersionRelease DateNotes
General Campaign DocumentsLeveling Cert Tier 1.51.02013-11-01This Cert is for those who wish an accelerated start to play, gaining experience for the Crusade story arc without actually being required to play through it.
Character SheetsBlank Character Sheet1.02013-11-19This is a non-form-fillable character sheet.
General Campaign DocumentsArcanis Conversion Guide1.02011-06-01In case any of the original adventures (released under the Chronicles of the Shattered Empires rules) are still in circulation, this is the conversion document to bring them up-to-date.
General Campaign DocumentsTier 3 Summoned Creatures1.02015-05-30These are the stat blocks for the creatures that can be summoned by the Tier 3 spells, "Blessed Protector", "Summon High Elemental" and "Summon Sarish's Own".
General Campaign DocumentsLegends of Arcanis Campaign Guide2.12016-08-31 
General Campaign DocumentsLegends of Arcanis Campaign Sample Harvester Fight1.02016-08-31 
General Campaign DocumentsArcanis FAQ/Errata v 5.15.12017-05-19This document deals with FAQ and errata to published print products and the Arcanis: Roleplaying Game generally.
General Campaign DocumentsWar of the Paragons Tier 3 Leveling Certificate1.02017-05-19This certificate allows players to either build new characters at Tier 3.1 or level-up their existing characters to Tier 3.1 for the A3: War of the Paragons story arc of the Legends of Arcanis Campaign.