Welcome to the Witch Hunter: Revelations campaign site!

Witch Hunter: Revelations is an organized play campaign and successor to the Witch Hunter: Dark Providence campaign that used the first edition Witch Hunter: The Invisible World game system. The adventures are designed to fall in one of two categories: Hard Points and Soft Points.

The Hard Points are the core adventures that tell a complete story, what we call a Story Arc, and should be played in numbered order.

The Soft Points may or may not follow the current story arc and are meant to open up new vistas or explore aspects of the Invisible World that the Hard Points do not. Soft Points may be played in any order, unless specifically noted.

The majority of Witch Hunter: Revelations adventures are designed to be played in approximately four hours, which corresponds to the time available in convention play and are a combination of roleplaying encounters with combat ones.

This Organized Play campaign uses the new rules system as described in the 2nd Edition of the Witch Hunter: The Invisible World roleplaying game.